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Power Chains, What Are Those?

Power Chains, What Are Those?

All of the kids that come into our office are often so excited for a color change! After all, isn’t that usually why kids want braces? But what are those tiny 0 shapes all linked together like a rope, and what do they do?


Power Chains

Power Chains are small O-ties. The only difference is instead of being attached to each tooth separately, they are all attached to each other. Why are they being attached? Good question! Power Chains work to close the spaces between your teeth. Chains apply extra force to your teeth in order to fill the gap between your teeth. They do this faster than anything else could.


Different Kinds of power chains?

There are different types of power chains. Power chains come in all different colors, but they can also come in different sizes. Some chains are close together while others have some space in between them. Depending on the size of your teeth will help the orthodontist determine which chain is right for you.


Closing Spaces

We do not just bond braces onto your teeth and instantly put on power chains. We must build up to it by gradually moving your teeth with different wires. Once your orthodontist feels the teeth are ready, power chains are used if found necessary. Sometimes they go all the way from one molar to the opposite molar, and sometimes a power chain only runs from a bicuspid to a lateral. At times you will see the power chain run for the canine to canine. When this happens we use a steal tie to ensure the force of the chain does not cause the tooth to rotate.


Help, I have a newly formed space.

Don’t fret, this is common. While closing one space, another may form. Before your braces are removed all spaces will be closed.

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