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Metal Braces

Although they may look like regular braces, there is nothing traditional about the metal braces we use. These amazing state-of- the- art orthodontic brackets help move teeth more efficiently and comfortably than ever before.

Small high technology laser cut stainless steel brackets are bonded onto the surface of each individual tooth. A thin customized arch wire runs though the brackets and places a gentle force to guide your teeth in to their ideal position, giving you that gorgeous smile.

Kids love the option of accessorizing their braces with color. Whether they choose color combinations to represent school spirit, their favorite holiday, or to cheer on their sports teams, we get just as excited as the kids to make their braces fun!

Clear (Ceramic) Braces

For those seeking all the benefits of braces but who also want amazing esthetics, clear braces are the way to go. Today’s ceramic brackets are truly amazing. They are made from zirconium, the same material used to make fake diamonds! They are so clear that you and your friends will forget that you are wearing them.

Just like metal braces, brackets are bonded onto the surface of each individual tooth. We combine these braces with a thin high esthetic wire which is designed to blend in with your natural tooth color. This wire runs though the brackets and is “tied” in with clear elastics. These virtually invisible ceramic brackets are a discreet alternative to traditional brackets; you are going to love them.


This clear alternative to fixed braces has become the go to treatment options for many of our adult and teen patients. These aligners are so clear that most people will not even know you are wearing them. Invisalign is a computer generated unique series of invisible aligner trays that are designed with your customized treatment in mind.

The evolution of this technology has been impressive. Once only reserved for simple cases, today virtually anyone is a candidate. Most important, the results we achieve are as good as we get with braces!

We love Invisalign and here is why:

  •  Its Removable: You can keep your teeth clean and optimize your dental health!
  • Eat what you want! Invisalign trays are removed while eating so there are no restrictions.
  • Customizable: Being computer generated, we can work with Align technology to individualize your treatment to best give you an amazing smile.

The choice is clear: Did we mention how invisible these aligners are!


These aligners are specifically designed with needs of our teen patients in mind. Customized to the growing mouths of teens, these clear removable aligners can give you an invisible way to straighten your teeth.

We are so excited to offer Invisalign teen as a clear alternative to braces. When worn properly, they are just as effective as braces with many advantages. Being removable allows you the freedom to not interfere teen’s busy lifestyle and activities such as playing sports or musical instruments. Eat all the hard foods you want, there are no restrictions. Invisalign teen aligners are removed when eating and while brushing or flossing.

Call today to find out if Invisalign can work for you!

Lingual Braces

Gives you the best of both worlds! Our doctors have the total control and all the benefits of traditional braces with one huge benefit, nobody will see them. We are proud to offer Incognito Hidden Braces!

Lingual literally translated to tongue side so these braces are placed on the inside of your teeth. There is nothing ordinary about these braces. They are computer generated high technology braces that are the most discrete way to get the smile you have always wanted without using a removable appliance.

Do you forget to put your contacts in, maybe you don’t floss every day? If you are questioning your commitment to removable aligners, consider lingual orthodontics. We have enough things to worry about; orthodontic compliance shouldn’t be one of them. Relax and let our doctors do all the work.

As you can see, we offer many innovative choices to give you a straight beautiful smile.We are here for you every step of the way. Beginning with your consultation, we will customize a treatment plan to best fit your lifestyle. We can achieve incredible results and get you that radiant smile you so deserve.

Call today for a free consultation.   

Early/Interceptive Orthodontics

If you have notice kids seem to be getting braces younger than ever before, you are not alone. Amazing things can happen if we treat our young patients (usually between 7 to 9 years old) with certain malocclusions early rather than later. While it is true that many young patients do not require interceptive orthodontic therapy, for those that do the results can be dramatic.

Most early orthodontics (phase I) is directed at jaw discrepancies while later or phase II orthodontics is directed at tooth discrepancies. Phase I can predictably correct in a young patent what would be a severe problem later. We are thrilled when we can prevent the need to remove teeth, correct a facial asymmetry or help break a harmful habit such as thumb sucking.

Goals of Phase I:

  • Correct Jaw discrepancies (Crossbites, OverBites, Underbites)
  • Provide more room for the developing adult teeth
  • Create a better occlusion or bite
    Be sure you visit our office by age seven to determine if early/interceptive orthodontics is right you’re your child.

Comprehensive Orthodontics

If you close your eyes and picture a child in braces, you’re probably thinking about comprehensive orthodontics. This is when all the adult teeth have braces placed, guiding them into an ideal position. For those who have already undergone Phase I treatment, this important Phase II is often necessary to optimize esthetic and functional results. While it’s true not all patients who undergo phase I treatment require a second phase, most can benefit from phase II orthodontics.

Thank you for choosing Newman’s Orthodontics. We welcome you to our office and look forward to working with you.