Digital X-Rays

We live in a digital world, why should your dental imaging be analogue? Digital radiographs are the standard of care in today’s world. These computer generated images offer many benefits over traditional film. These digital x-rays offer significantly less radiation, allow for instant viewing, enhanced quality and are environmentally friendly. Our digital imaging from Sirona is considered the best in the industry! Best of all we can digitally share these images with your dentist. This allows us to better communicate and coordinate your dental and orthodontic care. We believe you deserve the best imaging possible. Call today for a consultation at our Roslyn Heights, NY office.


The future is here. Itero Element digital impressions are a breakthrough technology that is quickly becoming the standard of care. Gone are the days of dealing with gooey impressions. This cutting edge technology replaces the need for messy impressions by scanning your teeth. It’s pretty amazing, as you sit back and relax in our comfortable chairs we are able to capture a three dimensional digital replica of your teeth. We do this by placing a specialized wand into your mouth that captures the needed details. The iTero Element is essentially a high speed camera that takes thousands of pictures a second. This data is then compiled into a precise digital rendering of your teeth. These digital images are more precise and take less time than a conventional dental impression. A 3D model of your mouth appears on our screen within seconds, allowing us to immediately review and explain your orthodontic treatment plan. No more imagining what your future smile will look like, we actually show you!

3D Printing Integration

Using our iTero scans, we can upload a digital scan of your teeth to our partnered orthodontic lab. They can then print a 3-D model of your teeth to make your orthodontic appliances. This ensures a more precise fitting appliance, faster turnaround, and a better patient experience!


AcceleDent is a hands-free device designed to encourage faster tooth movement. This treatment is very simple to use and does not require an office visit. It is used in conjunction with braces or aligners to rapidly straighten teeth. Not only will your teeth move faster, but your treatment will be more comfortable as well. AcceleDent uses SoftPulse™ Technology to help your current orthodontic treatment work faster. It does this by generating small vibrations called micropulses to gently accelerate the movement of your teeth as they are guided by your orthodontics. These micropulses accelerate the remodeling process of the bones in your mouth thus accelerating tooth movement.

AcceleDent allows your teeth to move up to 40% faster than traditional orthodontic movements. AcceleDent works with your current orthodontic treatment to deliver a better experience from start to finish.


PROPEL is an exciting technology that stimulates bone remodeling, allowing the teeth to move faster and more predictably into their ideal position. This device creates a series of small alveolar micro osteo-perforations into the gums. This stimulates the surrounding bone and works with the patient’s own biology to accelerate tooth movement. Patients will finish their treatment with exceptional results in less time and with fewer treatment visits. This painless process takes just minutes to complete. Patients can immediately go back to their daily routine with no limitations. This exciting technology “fast tracks” orthodontic treatment and virtually cuts treatment time in half which means less time with braces or clear aligners.

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