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Metal vs. Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic Braces vs. Metal?

Everyone would like a beautiful and healthy smile, although the majority of us prefer to not have a mouth full of metal. If this is holding you back from the smile you deserve, we have different options for you to explore! Metal vs. Ceramic braces?


Braces work by applying continuous pressure over a period of time. This slowly moves teeth in a specific direction typically guided by arch wires. Braces are used to straighten out teeth and correct things such as over bites or under bites.

Braces are made up of:

Metal Brackets

Brackets – Carefully placed on each tooth, brackets serve as fasteners for the arch wires. The position of each bracket helps to guide the tooth into the proper position for a perfect smile.

Metal Vs. Ceramic Braces?

Arch Wires – Inserted into the brackets, the wires conform to the dental arch and help correct irregularities







Metal Vs. Ceramic Brackets

Molar Bands – Thin rings placed onto the molars for orthodontic attachments are called molar bands. When a molar tube will not stay on the molar, molar bands are cemented onto the molar. This is because it is sturtier.

Metal Vs. Ceramic Braces?

Which is the best choice?

Like everything else in life there are always pro’s and con’s.

Metal braces

When looking to spend less, metal braces are typically less in cost. They also tend to move teeth slightly faster. When people think of braces they usualy envision a mouth full of metal. Although technically you do have a “mouth full of metal”, in this day and age braces are made smaller. This is in comparison to what they used to look like in the days where metal bands were bonded around each tooth. The cons, they are noticeable.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are much more inconspicuous than metal braces. They move teeth faster then Invisalign would but not as fast as metal braces could. Ceramic Braces also tend to be a little more costly in comparison to metal braces. They tend to stain easily which can make it challenging in sticking with a more discreet look.


Call our office for a free consult and decide which choice is best for you!


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