New Patients

Hello Newbie!

Welcome to Newman Orthodontics! If you have made it this far into our web site, you must be getting ready to visit with us. Either that or like a good novel, you find intriguing.

We hope that you are as excited to come see us as we are to meet you! We have so much to talk about. First, let’s just get one thing straight (besides your teeth). We are pretty awesome at what we do! We are going to give you an exception smile that you are going to love and you will be complimented on constantly.

Our A team is here to guide you every step of the way. You are going to know more about orthodontics then you ever thought possible. We believe when our patients understand what we are doing, they are more committed to helping us give them an amazing smile.

What We Do

Nice to meet you 🙂

Your new smile starts here! We begin by chatting but mostly listening. We want to hear what your concerns are so that we only offer you treatment options that best fit your lifestyle.

We then conduct a complete exam, including a screening x-ray. We are pretty thorough, so hopefully you won’t mind all that “tooth talk”! We will then break it down for you so that you will learn the best way to align that smile. Some even say they feel like they are leaving as ortho geniuses….

Finally, we discuss what some fear more than sitting in the dental chair, the money. You have nothing to worry about, we have set our fees to be reasonable and an exceptional value for the service you are getting. Did we mention we are insurance friendly and work with all major plans!

If you’re ready to go, then we will make it happen. Many of our patients choose to start the same day! Why miss school or work?
We cannot wait to meet you and your family at this first consultation and look forward to getting to know you.

Let’s Do this…

You need to get those teeth straight and let’s face it, we need jobs. So, we decided long ago that we needed to make our orthodontic treatment affordable. That’s why we partnered with Orthofi, to allow our patients total control on how they pay. Want to start with nothing down, no problem. Maybe you want to extend out your monthly payments past your treatment, we can do that. Some do not want to be bothered with financing and pay it all up front, Orthofi will reward you a substantial savings.

Did we mention we love what we do, making you smile makes us smile!

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