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Brush Your Teeth, Or The Ones You Want To Keep!

Brush Your Teeth!

From the time we were little we’ve heard it over and over again, “Brush Your Teeth!”. Mom and Dad would force us into the bathroom to spread bubble gum toothpaste across our Mickey Mouse toothbrushes and get to brushin’. Back then we thought they were just being a bother, but now as adults we all know (or we all should know) the importance of regularly brushing and flossing through out the day.

Brushing with braces

Brushing with Braces

In general, we should be brushing our teeth at least twice a day ! In the morning when we wake , and at night before we hit the hay ­čś┤. Brushing with braces requires a little more effort then it normally would. Braces do wonders for our smile however they can tend to be a plaque trap. In order to avoid walking around with a mouth full of plaque (and this mornings breakfast), we recommend brushing after every meal. When we say brushing, we mean brushing! ┬áNot a quick visit from our tooth brush to our teeth!

Putting in the effort to keep your braces and teeth clean is extremely important. Being diligent in caring for your braces helps you avoid issues such as tooth decay, inflamed gums, and decalcification.

If you are not practicing proper oral hygiene, you run the risk of having cavities, swollen/infected gum tissue and other issues. Poor hygiene can lead to gingivitis in as little as 48 hours.

How to brush with braces

Now that we’re clear you must brush, brush, brush, let’s be sure you know how to properly brush!

Brush Your Teeth Every Single Day!

  • Rinse your mouth and tooth brush to remove any particles of food left behind
  • ┬áBrush back and forth in short strokes. Brush between the wire and the teeth as well as on top of the brackets. You must also brush all surfaces of the tooth
  • Brush your tongue, no one wants dragon breath!
  • Brush for at least 2 minutesfloss


  • Thread the floss underneath the arch wire
  • Floss back and forth between each side of each tooth


When you have braces be sure to use a soft bristle toothbrush. Please also be sure to rinse with a fluoride  wash as it strengthens the enamel of your teeth.


If you run out of floss or need a demonstration on proper brushing please feel free to pop into our office!



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