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Braces, Get Excited!

Braces, Get Excited!

Sometimes the unknown can be frightening. When we’ve never experienced something we can become nervous. Having your braces put on can be a scary situation when you aren’t exactly sure how it works.  In order to make it a little less nerve-racking, we have a few pointers.Braces


Sometimes surprises aren’t fun. We love the occasional unexpected gift or a random bonus at work but what about when you walk out to the driveway and find your tire is flat? That’s an unpleasant surprise. In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises, enlighten your child on how the process of getting braces works.  At Newman Orthodontics we provide a thorough description of how braces are put on during your initial consultation, as well as before the actual procedure takes place.

End Game

Talk about your own orthodontic experience (if you have one), and how your perfect smile was worth all of the work. After all, your smile is the best form of a greeting 🙂

Make it your own

Make your braces yobracesur own! We offer so many cool different colors for every patient to customize their braces and feel unique. Pick your color, then pick your pattern. This is a safe bet to excite your apprehensive child.

Friendly Food

Just because your starting treatment doesn’t mean you can eat the things you enjoy.  You will just have to make some adjustments to your diet, nothing hard sticky or chewy!  Prior to having your new appliance put on, stock up on all the brace friendly foods your child always loved. Something soft and cool will be soothing to your teeth.


Pay Us A Visit

All of these pointers will help your child to relax but the best way to make it a great experience is finding the right orthodontist! We can’t wait to meet with you for a consult!



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